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2011-01-22 22:27:34 by Alicetimetable

Can you answer them????
Riddle 1:
There are 3 IDENTICAL umbrellas in a rack with NO NAMETAGS.
What is the chance in precent that only two people will walk out with the CORRECT umbrella?

Riddle 2:
There is one germ in a jar. After one minute the germ splits into two germs. After another minute the germs each split in half and so on. Thus in an hour the jar is filled. Now if you started with TWO germs how long, in minutes, would it take to fill the whole jar?


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2011-01-22 23:46:24

Oh, I can answer them; though, correctly... that is a different question lol
Let's see...
1) 100%
Reason: It doesn't matter who gets the umbrella, if they're all identical... who cares?
2) 59 minutes
Reason: 1 minute after they split up and thats when you start the timer for how long it takes for the jar to fill
Well, that was kind of fun. Do I win a prize? lol

Alicetimetable responds:

well the second one is correct. But the first one I guess I forgot to mention 3 different people own one umbrella each.