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All Animes I've watched and reccomend

2011-01-29 23:24:59 by Alicetimetable

Yes as I said; here

Fruits Basket
Ouran High School the Host Club
Best Student Council
Angelic Layer
Tokyo mewmew
Sonic x (In 4th grade and does that count...?)
Full Metal Alchemist
Naruto (like one episode)

I guess thats it. Do any of you guys like any of these?
BTW I'm on the last book of the Percy Jackson series!! (The Last Olympian) I must admit I'm actually rather sad I'm almost done.... Well I DO have the Lost Hero... OMG OFFF TOPIC!!!!!
BTW the reason Fruits Basket is first is because I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! Though I only have the first 5 books. I have seen the entire Anime show... Sucks they don't finish it...

All Animes I've watched and reccomend


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2011-01-29 23:27:44

You need to watch the following shows

Hellsing Ultimate
Cowboy Bebop
Code Geass

trust me, those shows are masterpieces.

Alicetimetable responds:

Oh alright thanks! I've heard of Cowboy Bebop.... Although it's rated r.... heh


2011-01-29 23:39:59

All the shows zerogeass suject are typical
You need to see Zero No Tsukaima, Chromarty High School, and Tora Dora

Alicetimetable responds:

Thank you! Zero No Tsukaima...hmmmm I'll think about that one...