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2011-03-21 22:55:48 by Alicetimetable

Hi! I am back. Also more random and hyper. LOL ok, um.... I've recently started watching Hetalia. I am loving it! Now I have a reason to enjoy social studies.
Anywayz, I left because my computer went poof. It started to restart and kinda reset randomly.....
My graphic pen also went poof. So I may not have any art posts for a while. Yeh... sorry.
Did you know that if you don't drink milk the cows will run away into the forest and evolve into mushroom-eating bears?
Also, I was ABOUT to get a Miku cosplay, a friend ordered it for me, but now since I am in a HUGE fight with her I may not get it.... eh oh well.


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2011-04-17 22:56:34

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